New Products

New Recyclable Packaging

Industry leading sutainable packaging with added speed of unloading.

14.3mm Magnetic Stripe with Colours

For card decoration with magnetic stripe flush to the end of the card choose Greencorp 16mm available in black and colours.

Magnetic Stripe with Two Colours!

One side Gold the other side Gold? One side Red the other side Silver. No problem. Now there is no need to compromise the print quality on transparent cards. Take the hassle out of print registration on transparent cards to match the placement of the magnetic stripe on the back of the card. Available with any of our coloured, logo or standard products in HiCo or LoCo performance stripes. Simply add a S for Silver or a G for Gold to the standard Product code e.g. TAH F29MR-S Metallic Red with Silver.   Magnetic Stripe with Two Colours

Magfast – Next Generation

There is a continual evolution to maximise the potential of all new concepts. With Magfast there is no exception. Greencorp have reduced construction thickness to achieve even faster tape laying speed. Another benefit is a reduction of the ghosting or shadow effect on card face with some dark colours behind the stripe. A new protection coat has eliminated any incidences of plate offset and ensures a narrow coefficient of friction. This friction reduction is very important in high speed encoding and on some older (Kaba) hotel key locks.

Product Rationalisation

The new protection layer has reduced the complexity between Greencorp range of paper and plastic products. This achievement allows the customer to stock one product for use on Paper and, PVC.

Magnetic tickets are subject to high heat and high humidity in many places throughout the world. This can cause head build up and encoding problems. To safeguard magnetic stripe Greencorp has added a more durable and heat resistant protective layer to Greencorp transfer products and increased heat resistance in glue down products.

Environmental Substrate Magnetic Tape

Introduction of environment friendly derived plastics has initiated Greencorp development to gain adequate adhesion and meet the ISO7811 specifications.

New Products – Paper

Roll On Products

Greencorp now produces roll on products required for bank payment and gift cards for in line machines such as AZ Magmaster. Product is TAH F44 2750 Oe and TAL K44 300 Oe.

Plastic Film Bank Books

With the increasing use of plastic laminated bankbooks in Asia, Greencorp has developed products that are suitable for single and multiple bank book transfer. Products TAL K37 for 300 Oe and TAH F37 for 2750 Oe. Greencorp have also added a 2750 Oe product TAH F48 for standard paper.

Slit widths

Greencorp have introduced 6.5mm,7.3mm and 14.3mm width stripes to complement our range.

New Products – Audio Reel to Reel Tapes & Cassette Tape

Greencorp have introduced 6.35mm & 12.7mm width reel to reel backcoated audio tape in two qualities plus leader tapes all on NAB hubs.  C-60 cassette tape and leader also available.